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Auspicious Days Practice Kit



11 ultra-short practices for auspicious days - a deity visualization kit for auspicious days.

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Welcome to the sacred world of "Prayers for auspicious days" - a divinity visualization kit for auspicious days. 
auspicious days are particularly favorable for establishing a connection with the Divinities.
On Amithaba day, for example, acts of virtue and non-virtue are multiplied by 10 million.
For each deity, you'll find a canonical image, the auspicious day of practice, a short prayer and a mantra.
Here's a brief presentation of the 11 chosen deities:
1. Amithaba - Infinite Light Prayer: May Amithaba's infinite light illuminate our path to enlightenment.
2. Vajrayogini - The Dakini of Transformation Prayer: May Vajrayogini's fiery dance transform our obstacles into opportunities.
3. Guru Rinpoche - The Padmasambhava Master Prayer: As we invoke Guru Rinpoche, may we overcome challenges with wisdom. Mantra:
4. Milarepa - The Great Tibetan Yogi Prayer: May Milarepa's wisdom guide our path to enlightenment.
5. Mahakala - The Imposing Protector Prayer: Mahakala, protect us from negative influences and guide us to peace.
6. Vajrapani - The Diamond Bearer Prayer: May Vajrapani's strength accompany us on our spiritual quest.
7. Shakyamuni - The Historical Buddha Prayer: By following Shakyamuni's teachings, may truth enlighten our minds.
8. Buddha - The Enlightened One Prayer: May we attain wisdom and compassion, following in the Buddha's footsteps.
9. Sangye Menla - The Divine Physician Prayer: May Sangye Menla's healing purify our mind and body.
10. Chenrezig - The Bodhisattva of Compassion Pray: May Chenrezig's infinite compassion guide our actions and thoughts.
11. Tara Verte - The Liberator Prayer: May Tara Verte's enlightened wisdom free us from the bonds of suffering.

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