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Protection's masks

The PRO filter mask is made of three layers of fabric for unparalleled comfort and lightness, even in the hottest times of the year. The first layer is 100% polyester 105g, an elastic and anti-crease fabric, certified for prolonged skin contact. The second filter layer is in water repellent fabric integrated with nanofibers which gives it a filtration efficiency of 90% up to 25 washes. Its third inner layer in direct contact with the skin is 100% polyester 107g to guarantee maximum comfort and lightness.
Wearing a mask is now part of our daily life and has become an essential object.
Ineluctably, each person makes sure to wear their mask to face the epidemic. Indeed, the maintenance of barrier measures is strongly recommended at this time.
This then includes wearing a mask. To combine the useful with the pleasant, this everyday accessory has also become a fashion accessory. Then discover our new pro triple layer mask that will protect you in style!

The PRO Triple Layer Mask is made of three layers of fabric. The integrated water-repellent fabric filter layer with nanofibers guarantees a BFE filtration greater than 90%.

The PRO Triple layer mask is machine washable up to 60 ° C.

Protection's masks

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