Ethics and Spirituality

The Dharma Arts team has built up over the meetings.

Beyond each of talents is the desire to live the core values ​​of Buddhism and avoid commercial abuses that have brought us together.
Here then written below the fundamental ideas that shape our business ethics.

  • Keep alive the Buddha's teaching.
  • Disseminate the values ​​of Dharma, the voice of understanding and love.
  • Expand our spiritual family, not guys based on respect for individuals, peoples and of our Mother Earth.
  • Thus the three jewels guide us work for the good of all beings.
  • The supports meditation and visualization, images, texts, mantras and mandalas are released under the authority of recognized masters such as Yomed Rinpoche, SS .....
  • Dharma Arts does not intend to get rich but to live its activities.
  • Favoring local production or proximity, avoiding the energy impact and pollutant transport while maintaining cooperation with artisans from India or Nepal who have no other resources.
  • Act and work fairly at both suppliers to the Dharma Arts Team that customer.
  • May the teaching of the Buddha touching all beings and free them from suffering.

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